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Every Sunday morning at 10 am.

Grab your coffee and then join us for worship and a message from Pastor Kathy. 


270 San Bruno Ave West, San Bruno CA, 94066

Parking is available behind the insurance office on the corner of San Bruno Ave and Easton.

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SacredKIDS runs at the same time as our morning gathering!

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What to expect & FAQ's

We have been told many times that our church is an easy one to attend– especially by those who don’t usually “go to church.” Still, walking through the doors can be intimidating if you don’t know what’s on the other side, so here are some things you can expect or may have been wondering:


Q: How should I dress?

A: People come to Sacred wearing anything they would usually wear on a weekend or out for a meal with friends. So come comfortably!

Q: Is there something for my children?

A: Yes! From babies to elementary-age, parents can check-in their kids during the main service for lessons, games, and fun projects.

Q: What kind of Christian are you?

A: Sacred is part of an international network of churches known as the Assemblies of God and its regional expression, the Northern Californian-Nevada District. We like being part of something that is intentional about being both local and global, and it also creates accountability for our leaders and a network for impact outside of our personal circles.

Q: What’s your political stance?

A: One of our leadership’s values is being publicly non-partisan; meaning we don’t bring politics into the church. We preach Jesus, and let the people discern for themselves what to do in the polls. Our group includes a variety of political persuasions. We try our best to be aligned with the Bible in both belief and conduct, treating people the way Jesus would. Also, we encourage individuals to be actively involved in their world and their city using their talents to make things better.

Q: How long are your services?

A: Typically around 80-90 minutes, 10:00am – 11:30am.


Q: What about parking? 

A: One of the “joys” of being a church on the Peninsula is the added bonus of exercise before and after church. On-street parking is available all around our church building, and there is also a lot one block away behind the insurance office building on San Bruno Ave & Easton Ave (look for our A-frame signs).

Q: What happens in a service?

A: We typically start with coffee and conversation. It’s a great time to get your bearings and catch up on the week with friends. At 10:10am, we begin with music, singing a couple songs with words that mean something to us. Don’t want to sing? That’s okay. You won’t draw any unwanted attention to yourself. People take a couple minutes to say hi to each other, and then our pastor teaches from the Bible for about 25-30 minutes. We usually have a second set of music just to allow time to reflect before we conclude with a blessing from our lead pastor. All that to say: we try really hard not to throw any “curve balls” that will leave anyone feeling out-of-place.

Q: What about money?

A: Without finances we couldn’t operate. But our contributions all go toward providing a facility, serving our city, bringing the good news about Jesus to the world, and supporting the staff that runs the organization side of the church. Our bank accounts are monitored monthly by a CPA firm chosen by our regional network. Sacred is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Q: Are you an affirming congregation?

A: We are welcoming to anyone from all walks of life or backgrounds. But we also do not want you to feel blind-sighted by our teaching. We hold a conservative theology of sexuality, and are not an LGBT+ affirming congregation.


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core values

 Authentic Family

People need relationships that heal and help.
Never let relationship be defined by silence.

Extravagant Generosity

Generosity is a gift to the giver and the recipient.
Generosity asks nothing in return, and goes beyond the discipline of giving.

Honor Above Self

Honor is about your position and character, not theirs.
Honor is about active intentionality, no passive-aggression.

Travel in Team

Teams should compliment, not compete.
Teams come from unexpected places.

Spirit-Driven Adventures

We will go when it seems illogical to the world, but follows the Word.
There is no such thing as  a risk when it’s God’s vision.

Not The Destination

We will always be willing to change and try something new.
There’s no such thing as having ‘arrived’ on this side of eternity.


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We would love to see you on Sunday Morning! 

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